Thriving in motherhood is possible

Honestly, it breaks my heart to know that one of the most magical, inspiring, and fulfilling times in our life is being survived through. It is normal for women to help other women survive motherhood. Now, I want to be clear. If you feel like you are surviving, I have been there too, THAT’S OK. Please hear me say that there is nothing wrong with you. You are doing motherhood in the best way that you know how, at this moment. And when you know a different way, you’ll do your motherhood differently, which is why I do what I do. My purpose in coaching is to give moms of multiples the tools, training, and tutoring that they need to thrive in their motherhood.

Here’s the truth, though, I am selfish because y’all, it’s the best job on the planet! To see a mom go from surviving to thriving, it’s incredible. But let’s dive into it so that you can understand how to possibly thrive in motherhood because right now, it doesn’t seem likely.

If you...

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When the days are loooonnng but the years are short

Loooonnnnng days but the years seem to fly by. Does that sum up your motherhood? Sometimes it just seems like you are spinning your wheels just doing the same old things over and over again and then you blink and the year is half over. I have found that this is especially true in motherhood. The challenge is it often leaves us feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and sometimes resentful of how our days go. And when we look back on the years often times we are left regretting the time that we didn’t spend doing what matters most. I don’t think that this is what we signed up for in motherhood. It seems like a loose, loose situation, so I wanted to give you a couple of tips to make those days not seem so long. 

Tip #1- Remember that the present moment is what is really important. The truth is, the present moment is really all that we have. Sure we spend our time thinking about the past and the future but the here and now is how we actually live our lives. It’s what...

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Authentically You

If there is one thing about motherhood that I believe down to my core it is that you are the perfect woman for the job. Your kids, your partner, and even yourself need you! Not me, not your sister, not your BFF, not your neighbor, and not the mom on IG that you love to follow. YOU mama, the world needs you.

Because here’s the deal, if we were all the same this life would be boring. We all have differences; likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, skills and preferences to bring variety, creativity, and perspectives into the world so that the human species could evolve.

But being authentically you can be challenging so I want to help you lean into you doing you in your motherhood. So, I’ve got some tips for you.

Tip #1- Stop looking at what other moms are doing in their motherhood as the guidepost for your motherhood. During this time of quarantine, some moms are waking up early, getting in their at-home workout, and are showered and ready before the kids wake up....

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You are the best mom for your kids

I believe that you are supposed to be your children’s mother. Not me, the life coach with wise words or your best friend who always seems to have it together or the IG influencer that takes the cutest pictures of her kids. You. You are the best one for your children to learn about life and share their experiences with them.

But why is it so challenging to believe that sometimes?

All too often we look at our motherhood from the lense of what went wrong. What went wrong today, what did the kids do wrong, what did my husband do wrong, what did I do wrong? And then we take all of the “wrong” things and attach meaning to those circumstances and use it against ourselves. We make those “wrong” things mean some terrible things about ourselves as mothers. Like, if those things didn’t happen then you would be the best mom. NO. Those things are just part of life. It means that you are living your human experience by choosing to be a mother. That’s it....

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Gifts to my future self

I’ve never thought about my actions today as being a gift to my future self, but doing so has created an enormous shift in how I choose to spend my time and what goals I choose to set.

Think about your life and the gifts that your past self has given to you.

The exercise that you have done is a gift that your present self is enjoying now.

The books that you have read to increase your intellect.

The healthy food that you have eaten for your body to perform effectively.

The meditation that you have practiced.

The journaling that cramped your hand every morning.

The emotions that you have positively processed.

The pregnancy that you went through.

The IFV that you conquered.

The sleep training that you worked hard on.

The potty training phase that you navigated with patience.

The diligently practicing of letters with your toddlers.

The hours of reading with your kindergartners on your lap.

These are all gifts from your past self that you are now reaping the rewards.

So my question...

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Let's make motherhood easier

Motherhood is hard, but just surviving is optional. These 3 simple things will make motherhood with multiples way easier on yourself. We don't become mothers so that we can feel overwhelmed, stressed, and inadequate all of the time. Implement these 3 simple things and you will feel confident in your motherhood. You can lay your head down each night, feeling successful. Let me make motherhood easier on you, mama, so that you can THRIVE.