Self-care mindset

Is self-care severing you in your motherhood? Do you know if your mindset around self-care serving you? Let’s do a little activity to help you see where you are at in your self-care mindset.

Honestly answer these questions as it applies to your motherhood and how you do self-care.


  • Do you do self-care only when you need to temporarily escape your life?
  • Does self-care include taking a shower, eating a healthy lunch, and exercising?
  • Do you think that self-care is challenging to fit into your life?
  • Does self-care happen daily in your motherhood?


If you answered yes to the first three questions and no to the last one then I’d like to invite you to develop your mindset around self-care so that it will be a benefit in your motherhood instead of a nagging nuisance or something that you are feeling guilty about.

We are going to dive deep into these questions and many more at my MoMs Guide to Self-Care in Motherhood Workshop that is on this Thursday at 1 pm MST. If you can’t join me live, you can still register and I’ll email you the replay so either way, you’ll get this valuable information.

Self-care is so much more than getting away from the daily routine and escaping what’s going on in it. Yes, it takes us away but not because we have to escape but because that is the way that we fill our buckets. It is a way for us to MoMs to meet our own needs. It allows us to make a deeper connection with ourselves.

Self-care does not include taking a shower, eating healthy and exercising. Yes, they are important but these things go in the “taking care of yourself” category, not the self-care category. This change in perspective is huge. We need both, taking care of ourselves and self-care in our motherhood to thrive.

Self-care isn’t challenging when you think of it as little things that you can do throughout the day to fill your bucket. You don’t have to coordinate schedules with your husband, get a babysitter, or even leave your house, although I will suggest that you do that sometimes too. It’s challenging because you think that you have to be gone for hours on end, find child care, and spend tons of money. Nope, not the way that I teach self-care.

We meet the needs of those that we love daily so I don’t think that it is too far fetched to suggest that we need to be meeting our own needs that regularly as well. Your mental and emotional health would thrive if you spent time, daily, learning about yourself, questioning your beliefs about life and increasing the love that you have with yourself.

The way that self-care is talked about in society isn’t serving us in our motherhoods. You can do better, I have done better, and I want to help you do better in your self-care as well.

Join me on January 30, 2020, at 1 pm MST for a workshop that will change your motherhood.


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