You can thrive and be a mom of multiples

I will give you the MoM method that you need to eliminate unnecessary exhaustion, conquer the feelings of overwhelm,
and stop feeling guilty in your parenting decisions with your multiples; all without time needing to pass. You can thrive at
any stage of motherhood.

Start Thriving Now

Hey there,
I'm Andra Erickson
The MoM Coach  

As a twin mom and a life coach, I provide the unique support for your motherhood that you need as you raise multiples. When I was pregnant, other twin moms would tell me that all I needed to do was get through the first few months with infants, and then it would get easier. I gave birth to identical twin boys and was overwhelmed and exhausted as I waited for time to pass for it to get easier. My twins quickly became 6m old, then even faster, they had their first birthday, and in a blink of an eye, they were a year and a half. And I kept wondering when my motherhood was going to get easier.I was full of overwhelm, thinking that I must be doing something wrong if it wasn't easier by now. Exhausted on every level is how I would describe my physical, mental, and emotional state, even when the boys started sleeping through the night. I was surviving in my motherhood.

You and I are a lot alike

MoMs, doing the best we can with the knowledge that we have. Today is the point in your life where you can increase your knowledge, understanding, and skills to make a massive impact in your motherhood with multiples. An impact that will allow you and your children to thrive.


Imagine Feeling

✔️ Confident each morning as you walk into the babies' nursery, knowing that you                can easily handle anything that happens today.
✔️ A Decrease in exhaustion without having to get kids to sleep more.
✔️ A release from mom guilt, replaced with confidence as you parent your multiples.

Here's what my clients have to say...

You want to thrive, right?

✔️  Feel successful in your motherhood every day.
✔️ Confident that you are the perfect mom for your multiples.
✔️ Mentally and physically rested to be the type of mom you want to be
✔️ Present so that you don’t miss out on your motherhood
✔️ Spend guilt-free time to yourself, with your kids, or tackling your to-do list

I am not a
parenting coach.

I am a MoM coach.

I am here to support YOU in your motherhood by helping you THRIVE in your motherhood no matter what is going on around you. 

I am not just giving you tips and tricks that other MoMs offer. This is you learning proven techniques that will give you the ability to THRIVE. I have made this process super simple because I know that you are a busy mom with littles needing your time. 

THRIVING in your motherhood can be your reality. I will guide you.

You need a life coach.

It’s a well-known fact that moms who haven’t experienced multiples just don’t get it. They don’t know what you are going through, and their advice isn’t useful because it doesn’t apply to your situation. Sure other MoMs give their support and encouragement from their perspective, but they too are just trying to survive in their motherhood, so their support is temporary relief to your struggle.
You need someone in your corner that knows what you are going through, and that can give you the skills necessary to make the changes in your life that you are desiring. This is my expertise. I help MoMs thrive. 

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Let's make motherhood easier

Motherhood is hard, but just surviving is optional. These 3 simple things will make motherhood with multiples way easier on yourself. We don't become mothers so that we can feel overwhelmed, stressed, and inadequate all of the time. Implement these 3 simple things and you will feel confident in your motherhood. You can lay your head down each night, feeling successful. Let me make motherhood easier on you, mama, so that you can THRIVE.